The 'Online Business Console' All-in-One solution consists of the following components;
Web Site, eCommerce, Email Marketing and Lead Management.

In addition you also get access to Web Apps framework, Event Bookings and POP email.

Web Site Features

Main Features of Web Hosting & Content Management

Publish any type of Content

Integrated Customer Database

Manage your Website and Web Pages


Secure "Member Only" Areas

Website Reporting

Web Form Builder

Build Communities with Forums

Amplify your voice with a Blog

Photo Galleries

Ad Rotators

Meta Data

eCommerce Features

Main Features of eCommerce

Integrated Customer Database

Catalogues & Products

Easier management of your Online Shop

eCommerce Reporting

Customize your Online Shop

Inventory Control & Drop Shipping

Multi-Currency Support

Upsell, Cross sell and Product Grouping

Affiliate Programs

Gift Vouchers

Payment Gateways

Discount Codes

Shipping Options

Tax Codes

XML Feeds

Email Marketing Features

Main Features of Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Integrated Customer Database


Email Marketing Reporting

Email Deliverability & Spam Control

Lead Management Features

Main Features of Lead Management

Integrated Customer Database

Web Form Builder

Lead Management Reporting

Features Exclusive to All-in-One Solution

Web Apps

Event Bookings

POP Email

Other Features



Administrative Tools

Business Workflow Engine