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Pay Per Click Management

In addition to an effective and sustained SEO campaign, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to achieve immediate and targeted results, and is a fantastic traffic driver.


“How can I get a better ranking in the search engines?”


Search engine results are divided into organic results and sponsored links. PPC ads appear to the right of and sometimes above organic results. They also appear on a vast number of affliate websites which display Google and other search engines' sponsored links. These ads will often appear on websites which your customers regularly visit and are relevant to their interests.

The position of ads works on a bidding system. The highest bidder gets position one, second highest bidder position two, and so on. In fact, Google is a bit more sophisticated than that, and places “better quality” ads up higher for a cheaper price.


Enhance both your on-line and off-line branding, and nimbly adjust to shifting market conditions.


Take advantage of pay per click advertising's immediate and quantifiable results. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) delivers highly targeted pre-qualified traffic and your company's message is delivered the very customers already searching for your product or service.

Kinetic InterActive's proven process for PPC success:

  • The Discovery Phase -
    We work closely with you to understand your business, objectives, market, audience, and goals - everything that factors into your PPC effort. Then we do extensive keyword research and competitive analysis to determine the right approach for your specific goals.

  • Strategy -
    Get the strategy right, and all the rest will follow. In the Strategy Phase, we plan every aspect of the campaign. We define our keyword lists, appropriate bids, ad copy, campaign strategy, and targeting opportunities.

  • Execution -
    We take all the hard work from the strategy phase and bring it life. Campaigns are launched, bids are managed, and your target audience is reached on search engines and relevant sites across the internet. Your site starts to see a flow of quality traffic that yields conversions.

  • Analysis and Ongoing Implementation -
    We continually manage your PPC campaign through ongoing bid management, keyword optimization, ad copy tweaks and ad placement decisions. Careful analysis reveals new opportunities both in the campaign and on your landing pages.