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Landing Pages & Microsites

Creating dynamic landing pages and microsites that reflect specific campaigns or offers can help increase the understanding, reach and overall effectiveness of your offline marketing efforts.


Communicate a specific message to a select group of consumers.


Landing pages and microsites allow you to create specific pages on your site that don't necessarily have to reflect the design or voice of your web site. A single page for a special product offering or a mini site designed to carve a new niche, if handled correctly, can help extend your brand to a new consumer base without disrupting the overall voice the majority of your clients have come to rely on.

Maximize conversions rates and increase leads.


Landing pages are typically one page extensions of a website. A landing pages design is vital in convincing your customers to take advantage of special offers, products, and services they may otherwise ignore. Utilizing several different landing pages in your web design will maximize the effectiveness of your business and its search engine marketing.

An equally important thing to implement onto your website is microsite design. While the goal of a microsite design is similar to that of a landing pages design, to turn the customer or visitor of the site into a lead, they instead consist of a bundle of different mini websites that serve a variety of different purposes.

While landing pages are more effective in serving a specific purpose, like persuading a customer to take advantage of a particular deal or offer, microsites are more effective in serving general purposes, such as search engine optimization. Because microsites consist of multiple pages focusing on different branches of content, they can help build a presence or following for the subrands of a company that a general website could not.

Increase usability, avoid visitor abandonment, reduce bounce rates.


For companies who are running a lot of online marketing campaigns, the effectiveness of the different pages deeper within the site is vital to getting returns from these campaigns. Whatever you may be promoting, we can design a landing page and microsite that blends and converts your vistors into hard cash. After all, that is why you are here right?