Flash / Flex Development

Rich Internet Applications. RIAs.......

Adobe Flex, a technology developed by Adobe Systems, supports the development and deployment of cross platform rich internet applications (RIAs). It is based on Adobe Flash platform and makes your web applications interactive, engaging and attractive. Adobe Flex/Flash technologies are especially used for developing games, building interactive web applications and presentations, UI components, video streaming applications and statistical data.

The growing demand for engaging and interactive web experiences has triggered the rise of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). RIAs can be defined as software applications that combine the user interface and functionality of a desktop application with interactivity and low cost deployment of web-based applications. Compared with standard HTML applications, RIAs are more engaging and provide an unmatched user experience.

RIAs empower online users with fully featured functionality as compared to desktop applications. They go beyond the limitations of standard HTML web applications such as low interactivity, processing, data entry, retrieval problems, and scalability complexities. RIAs provide a new platform for content distribution by permitting text, images, audio and video data in a convenient manner.




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