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Legacy Data Conversion & Migration

Needs change, systems improve, and the competition is always looking to get ahead. We assist our clients in keeping and integrating the most important part of their legacy system
- their data.

Advances in software and hardware technology along with newly developed standards make it important for businesses to keep their systems updated.


Our consulting team provides an array of legacy data migration and conversion services. Legacy data migration path and techniques, depending on the target and source systems and formats (interoperability) is another area of focus for our data consulting team.

Our ability to manage complex data migration and conversion projects that require creation of data from multiple sources of varying scales, vintages, and quality provides us unparalleled competitive advantage.

Data from different platforms can be efficiently brought together for testing, validation and conversion.

We provide the following data conversion services:

  • Data Mapping and Data Modeling – Identifying and ensuring that critical data is not lost during the planned conversion process.
  • Migration – We help you plan, migrate and deploy data from old legacy systems to new cutting-edge technologies.
  • Interoperability – We provide migration or just data conversion services into your preferred target formats from legacy or existing source formats.